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Take a look at our team with broad experience across the field of technology and life science.

Wei Zhu. Founder of Tianyi Consulting.

Wei Zhu. Founder of Tianyi Consulting.

Tianyi Consulting was founded by Wei Zhu. Through his career, Wei has gained many years of experience in global distribution, product marketing and product development. He has a track record of achieving rapid business growth when introducing new products from start-ups like yours into new markets.

He grew up in China, lived and worked in Shanghai, Singapore and Germany, Wei learned to work and communicate efficiently in different cultures which is of great benefit when working on projects on an intercontinental scale.


Wei Zhu. Founder of Tianyi Consulting.

Christopher Lohrey. Lead Trainer.

Chris owns a MBA from Mannheim Business School.He is specialised in business development, competitive strategy and scenario planning. His industrial expertise covers Aviation (focus on Airlines & MRO), Renewable Energies (Focus on Wind & Solar), Blockchain & Crypto Technology and Education (Management Training).



Managing Consultant U.S.

Mark Atlas. Managing Consultant U.S.

Mr. Atlas has over 25 years’ experience in sales and marketing with for established and start-up companies. He received his BS at the University of California in Santa Barbara in Pharmacology.

Mr. Atlas is now applying his 20 years of experience in start-ups to guide emerging companies to success. He has redefined the sales process, developed key techniques for market validation and created methods for young companies to determine the best go-to-market approach. His background in sales and marketing in younger environments enables him to develop and execute plans with capabilities of testing them prior to  scaling the go-to-market solution for all aspects of life science reagents and equipment.

Managing Consultant U.S.

Olaf Neuhausen. Managing Consultant Your Europe Desk

Olaf is physicist with comprehensive experience in the market for quality-assurance and process-control equipment.

Olaf is responsible and successful in various start-ups, small businesses and globally operating corporations.

Olaf has vast experience and successful in various senior positions such as head of research and development, head of operations, director for sales, service, marketing and business development, general manager.

Olaf has an International career, speaking 4 languages, visited 5 continents and over 40 countries. Lived in the US for a while, spent a lot of time in Asia and established a wide global network.

Olaf is Currently managing our Your Europe Desk service headquartered in Kalkar (Germany) close to Dusseldorf, Cologne and the Rughrgebiet area (the largest metropolitan area in Europe). To find out more, check Our services page.

Managing Consultant EMEA

Paolo M. Soldati. Managing Consultant EMEA.

Paolo’s academic background in M.Sc., molecular and cell biology with 3 years research experience at INT (national Cancer Center) in Milano. He developed his career ladder in the life science business for 35 years covering roles in sales, support, operating marketing, sales management, business management and country management both at country level and regional level. He served as President and Managing Director at Amersham Italia and he sat in the board of GE Healthcare holding in Italy, running the Life Science business and locally implementing international business mergers and integrations. During his career he dealt with sales and support of many diverse technologies and products for life science research and certain advanced diagnostics. He previously served also in diverse type of companies including Vismara Associate (a national manufacturer and distributor) and Pharmacia Biotech.  Lastly he successfully completed a complex Business Develpment project as a consultant for Menarini Silicon Biosystems.