The International Business Development Podcast

The International Business Development Podcast

We started The International Business Development Podcast to help companies like yours to accelerate their scale-up. We want to provide you with the tips and tricks to kickstart your marketing and reskill your salesforce for optimal growth. Check out each edition of our podcast below or subscribe via your favourite podcast supplier.

Episode 1: LinkedIn marketing

Want to find out more about LinkedIn marketing? LinkedIn offers a variety of targeting options - from personalised page invites to the best hashtags to use to find your audience. Listen to this podcast to find out everything you need to know about the world's largest professional networking site.

Episode 2: Finding and managing scientific distributors

Distributors are a key part of your business' success so it's critical to find and manage them efectively. In this episode, we speak to distributor expert and Partnerships Manager at SciLeads - Judith Kee on the data and market intelligence available for the best results.

Episode 3: Lead generation tools in the post-COVID-19 world.

Take a look at this episode where we talk to Mark Atlas - our senior advisor for North America on how to generate leads for your startup. How can you generate qualified leads? What are the steps to converting them?

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