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The creation of our new training programmes

Business development should be regarded as an investment not a cost

According to a McKinsey report from January 2022, the CEOs of the 200 companies said, when they interviewed, that 50% of their sales and marketing teams needed reskilling!

That’s why we’re excited to launch a range of bespoke and modern training programmes. Read on to discover the inspiration behind the programmes and all of the development that has gone into them.

According to the Swiss National Office of Statistics, 50% of Startups disappear after the 1st 5 years! In the US, the rate is similar, and in many other markets, it is much higher. It seems to be that the principle reason is a lack of profitable sales, due to inexperienced sales and marketing teams.

So whether you are a Start-up, a Scale-up, an SME or a multinational company, you have a 50% chance that your sales and marketing teams needs skilling or reskilling.

If you’re an investor, Business Angel or part of a Venture Capital group, you may be finding that the companies that you’ve invested in are not performing the way you had anticipated and you need them to.

COVID and lockdown have often gotten the blame, but the reality lies often elsewhere, in the skillsets, expertise and dynamics of the sales, marketing and product teams.

To remedy this, we have developed and packaged the unique 21P Business Plan m(atr)ix and SMarCoM Business Development methodology and tool specifically to train and/or coach your teams to be highly performant in an ever changing and increasingly competitive markets.

Discover our methodologies

These methodologies are the result of over 40 years of successful Sales and Marketing experience in 12 different product and service sectors, across over 30 countries and regions, coupled with the most pertinent business models, methods and concepts.

Alexander Serre - the brain behind our newly created programmes - initially created the 21P m(atr)ix and online tool for his own needs to develop successful Business Development plans.

His latest SMarCoM methodology was recently updated and fine-tuned, becoming a unique and logical approach to optimise profitable revenues by analysing, integrating and continuously improving all major aspects of …

• Strategy
• Sales
• Marketing
• Communication
• Management

The image below, shows an overview of how these two methodologies work and therefore how it could help your business. From setting up distributor networks to digital marketing, from profitable pricing methods to ways of motivating teams, from upselling to anti-selling, from benchmarking to lateral thinking, from personas to KPIs, from filling sales funnel to branding, from negotiation techniques to precise market analysis, 21P and SMarCoM cover all areas of Business Development in a customised approach that can be adapted to your needs.

All of these activities can help you scale-up your business – grow your sales beyond your initial networks.

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