Izon Science - Case Study

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Izon since 2018. Izon Science is the world leading manufacturer of nano-biological separation and characterisation tools. Its qEV SEC columns have rapidly become the Extracellular vesicles (EVs) separation method favoured by experts.

Izon’s TRPS measurement system is the only accurate, standardisable and practical method of measuring complex nano-bio particles, particularly EVs and nanomedicine products, for example the Lipid Nano Particles (LNP) which is the key factor in the development and production of the mRNA vaccine.

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Izon has 1000+ users globally including most of the top universities. Prior to our involvement, Izon had limited success in China. For quite a long time, the arrangements with distributors were fragmented and uncoordinated. Izon Science are now able to take advantage of the rapid growth of the life science industry.

Through our work with Izon Science, their annual business growth rate in China between 2019 and 2020 grew more than 50% and is continuing to grow.

How we’ve helped Izon Science enter the China market so far:

  1. Partner performance review system: We implemented a system to ensure optimal success with each of their partners. This meant that underperforming business partners could be terminated in a clean and trouble-free way.
  2. Redesigned of the distribution model: We separated the distribution channels for the equipment and consumable business. 3 regional exclusive distributors in mainland China were secured to ensure optimal coverage for Izon. Click here to learn more about how to decide the right distribution model for your business
  3. New business partners: We organized the onboarding and training of new business partners. This included organizing a local sales training workshop, coordinating a factory training trip to the head quarter in New Zealand and developing a range of on-boarding resources to ensure optimal progress with each of these business partners.
  4. Product launch:The product launch was coordinated to ensure maximum reach when entering the China market.
  5. New website: Working collaboratively with the Izon team to launch the new Chinese website
  6. Sales management system: We integrated the Izon CRM system into our daily workflow, the leads and projects are updated realtime to ensure transparency and accuracy in business reporting.

Key takeaways:

  1. Never take a remote market as an opportunistic market, it could take you more energy and effort at the end if things develop into the other direction as you would expect, not even to consider damaging it could cause to your brand identity. So only do it when you’re fully committed and have enough resources to support the global expansion.
  2. With the right strategy and business partner, you can achieve very rapid business growth in China
  3. Partnerships like every relationship needs communication, management, and maintenance
  4. When a partnership is failing and you see no improvements after certain trials, no matter which party causes the problem, one shall take quick actions to walk out of the relationship. This will minimize cost and more importantly to minimize the damage which could potentially done to the brand.



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