Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for your Start-Up

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for your Start-Up in 2022

By Francesco Bacchi and Claire Nicholson

Want to create a solid digital marketing strategy for your start-up in 2022?

Check out this list Francesco has put together of his hints and tips to help you create a successful strategy this year.

Francesco has joined our team to help start-ups across the life science and technology sectors - like yours to go global with tailored solutions across the entire Marketing and Sales workflow, from the initial market validation to the business development in Europe, North America and Asia.

Read on to find out how you can elevate your digital marketing strategy for your start-up.

What is scientific digital marketing?

For your start-up, scientific digital marketing is essentially talking about promoting your business online using a multitude of channels, including website, search engines, social media (LinkedIn, Twitter), online video and even paid ads.

Engaging and compelling take-home messages are even more crucial for life science companies. Marketing is just as much a science as it is an art and the digital aspect of marketing helps to convey the scientific concepts related to your products.
Read on for tips you can put in place for your start-up and raise brand visbility.

1. Create buyer personas

Marketing is all about getting the most effective message in front of the your ideal target market segment. But to figure out the messaging you should be using for your start-up, you need to truly understand your customer segments and creating target personas makes it easier to imagine your interlocutors.

Start making hypothesis on their interests, what needs they have and technical hurdles they need to overcome.Create your strategy based on what customers like, rather than putting your preferences first. The correct buyer personas will enable you to identify your ideal customer. It's vital to select the digital platforms & tone of messaging with your buyer in mind.

2. Use a clear sales funnel for optimal lead generation

Whatever digital channels your start-up is using, it's vital to get the tone of your messaging correct to regularly generate leads.
One of the factors many of our clients struggle with is the clear identification of the value proposition behind their products - the real benefits they would obtain from using their products.

The best marketing strategy allows you to outshine your competitors

Position your product benefits and reasons why customers should use them before detailed descriptions of how your products work and accompanying specifications. Leverage your marketing on what makes you different from your competitors.

Complete these steps and you can outshine competitors by creating brand awareness to reach a larger customer base. This strategy will enable you to increase market share for your start-up, build brand loyalty, and establish positive reputation among present and potential customers. Existing customers can help to spread the word about your company on various social media / digital channels. This should be a longer term goal of your digital marketing strategy - “user generated content” and will be one of the cheapest methods to market your biotechnology company.

Marketing shouldn't end after a customer has purchased from you. To ensure that they will be back for more, make sure you create a clear sales funnel by following up with them with the a dedicated email marketing strategy. Through this process, you can establish long-term interactions, gain loyal customers, and improve your ROI.

Relevant and valuable content will keep customers returning to your social media channels

Developing a marketing strategy for your start-up should be a process of continual evolution. Delivering the right message to the target audience in a perfect timing can be overwhelming. We spend a lot of time making a hypothesis, testing it and then using the data we collect to adjust course, and failure is going to just be part of the journey. Accept this, learn from your mistakes to refine your marketing strategy. Keeping up with the continuous evolution of digital marketing and communication worlds priorities the achievement of the final goals, even if didn't get every specific detail perfect.

The key with any digital marketing strategy is to provide your audience with valuable information to ensure they keep returning to your social media channels for more.

3. Marketing messages for your start-up should be sharp & simple to boost conversions.

Scientific concepts might be difficult to understand at a glance, especially if we want to attract prospects who are new in the field, but that could become early adopters of your products. The key is to make your message as simple and sharp as possible. Let images, illustrations and animations do the talking for you. This clear messaging will help to drive further website traffic.

Social media can help to boost engagement for your business and is one example of why your marketing messages should be kept simple & sharp. The social media platforms are used by different people, for different reasons at different times of the day. This is why forming your digital marketing strategy with your buyer in mind is so crucial.

One of the best things to do is to use a variety of different digital marketing tools for optimal ROI. You can use one platform to enhance and amplify the messaging from the other.

You'll be able to drive more website traffic

Ultimately your digital marketing strategy goals should be to drive more website traffic. This will ensure you're increasing the likelihood of someone making an enquiry or purchasing from you.
Two key elements that affect website traffic are keywords and backlinks. You can boost your SEO rankings by having the correct set of keywords in your content, choosing the ideal types of backlinks for your campaign and producing high-quality content.

Drive more website traffic with a keyword strategy

Does your start-up use a keyword strategy? A keyword strategy is vital for more website traffic. Which website pages would you like to rank for particular terms? Make a list of additional terms you'd like to cover on your website. Blog posts can help you rank for these additional terms.

ROI (return of investment) is really important. So, if you're trying to engage your audience with great content but it's not making them engage back with you, then maybe it's time to change your content strategy. Plough your resources into the strategies that are working.

Once you've generated quality web traffic, boost their likelihood of converting by employing a clear and concise landing page for your campaign. You should also make sure that all elements on your website are user friendly and free from any distractions because you only have a few seconds to grab their attention.

You may have limited resources - so be sure to set key performance indicators to monitor your ROI. Free tools like Google Analytics will help you to track website traffic and key areas such as user demographics to ensure you're engaging your buyer personas.

Your digital marketing strategy is one of the most valuable investments your start-up can make

We help life science and tech start-ups develop bespoke plans tailored to their needs so they are ready for launch day from day one. What strategies work well for your start-up?

Our team has experience working with many different types of companies across various industries - let us know what type of product you're launching and we'll give you some tips on how best to position yourself in order to get off the ground quickly!

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