A bad worker blames his tools

A bad worker blames his tools

By Alexander Serre

Are you tired of completing a million jobs at once?

If you want to see quicker (and greater) results, hiring a consultant might be the way forward. Here's why.

There are hundreds of different tools depending on the job that needs doing.

Power tools and hand tools are the main initial classification. However in each, you have common types depending on their function such as cutting tools, grinding tools, and even gardening tools.

Or they can be classified depending on the type of substrate being used: metal, wood, plastic, glass etc. There is equally a group of products called fasteners which are considered tools.

So when you want to create, repair, optimise or convert an object you will needs tools. Sometimes just one, but often many. And that need to be used in the right order.

The choice of tool depends on your knowledge that that tool exists, what it’s function is, what its capability is, its availability, it’s suitability, but more than anything, your previous experience with that tool. In some cases, you will seek help on which tools to use online as it is easy a

nd free, but you have to find the right article, blog or website that describes your exact problem and explains each phase step by step.

Not using the appropriate tool in the right order, is likely to lead to a sub-optimal result or failure.

In the business world, a similar situation exists. Especially in Startups and SMEs. Having an idea of what you want to do is a great start, but most often, you have a limited budget..

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