Take your start-up to the global market

We offer a range of services to help grow your biotech or technology start-up in an international market.


Market Entry

We'll accelerate your business in this market and get you speaking to propsects within weeks rather than months - easing an otherwise long and painful learning curve.

market entry

Acting as your European hub, we'll work with you to decode the complex European markets, and provide you with the appropriate scalable and flexible solutions for each target market.

North American
market entry

For EU companies, it’s highly recommended to do direct business development from EU to the US market. We'll help you navigate new distribution models for optimal success in this market.

Enter the Asia market
Selling, partnering and operating in the Asia market is usually quite a challenge for young tech startups from Europe due to language and cultural barriers. With our expertise and strong network, we possess the knowledge as well as technical and human resources necessary to provide specialized Asia distribution consulting to accelerate and de-risk the process.

If you want to enter the Asia market and jumpstart the sales instead of going through a long and painful learning curve, our Asia Business Acceleration package provides the solution you need.

Enter the European market
We help you gain real traction in Europe before undertaking a large investment. We help to decode a complicated market, providing scalable and flexible solutions.

We'll help you understand your market needs with a market assessment. We’re able to provide operational support including logistics and the production of your products and much more. Get in contact if you would like support.

Enter the North American market
For EU companies, it’s highly recommended to do direct business development from EU to the US market. The distribution model is no longer available in US especially for high value capital equipment needs market entry supports. This is because it’s not a business case which is investable by the distributor due to the cost it will occur to hire highly skilled sales person and the time it takes to close a deal.

We can provide custom list development service to deliver the most accurate and content rich lists available with validated emails phone numbers to insure that the contacts are available at the number we provide. We can also provide leads generation services that we guarantee to provide up to 5 hot leads per month for your commercial team to follow up and close the deal