Asia Business Acceleration



Successfully take your biotechnology, life science or technology start-up to the Asian market.


Selling, partnering and operating in the Asia market is usually quite a challenge for young tech startups from Europe due to language and cultural barriers. With our expertise and strong network, we possess the knowledge as well as technical and human resources necessary to provide specialized Asia distribution consulting to accelerate and de-risk the process.

If you want to enter the Asia market and jumpstart the sales instead of going through a long and painful learning curve, our Asia Business Acceleration package provides the solution you need.

Start internationalisation today, and you'll be speaking to your first prospect in weeks with the first sale in months instead of years.


"....Prior to Tianyi’s involvement, Izon had some limited success in China, but the arrangements with distributors were fragmented and uncoordinated. Tianyi were able to re-organise the distribution arrangements so that they are now far more efficient and effective.”

Hans van der Voorn, CEO, Izon Science Ltd, New Zealand


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Our flexible solutions help with every aspect of Asia market entry for your start-up including:

  1. A market assessment to identify market needs and customer segmentation
  2. Business model validation to ensure partner led growth
  3. Sales and business development initiatives for pre-launch marketing and ongoing relationships
  4. Partner recruitment and development for consistent business growth
  5. Strategic growth options and planning including capital raising support
We here to guide you though every stage of the internationalisation process. From beginnning with capital raising to market localisation we can help maximise your opportunities for business success.

Partner development
  • We'll use our targeted network of academic KOLs to help grow your business
  • Supporting your recruitment of partners
  • Partner perfomance assessment to ensure consistent business growth

Market Assessment
  • Identification of potential market needs
  • Assessment of the competiton landscape
  • Arrangements of legislative requirements
  • Evaluation of potential challenges and risks

Strategic options and planning
  • JV partner identification
  • Development of your business plan and closing
  • Capital raising support
  • Entity establishment

Business model validation
  • You'll create a joint venture
  • Partner led growth
  • Establish a legal entity
  • Assessment of the local capital market

Marketing localisation
  • Tailored social media campaigns
  • Set up and maintenance of your website and / or social media
  • Digital marketing for your life science company
  • Content localisation and development
Sales & business development initiatives
  • Identify KOLs and partners
  • Localise business models and your value proposition
  • Engage with customers and partners to qualify and promote your value proposition
  • Pre launch marketing
  • Management of ongoing relationships