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The primary focus of Tianyi Consulting since the very beginning, has been to  guide and support SMEs in successfully entering the Chinese market. Please refer to the Customer Testimonials and Projects page for more detail.

Start-Up Mindset

As a start-up company ourselves, our service packages are tailor-made for start-ups whose resource are often limited. Our goal is to help start-ups to enter the global market with high efficiency, affordable costs and minimized risk.

Your Europe Desk

From Market Research to Business Development Support, Your Europe Desk is a monthly packaged all-in-one service that helps clients to do Business with Europe more effectively. Please refer to Our services page for more information.

Global Experience

Be local & Think global has always been the key for global success. We have a Team of experts located all over the world covering the global market geographically with broad industry experience in high technology domains.

Tianyi Consulting - Customer testimonials


“The Chinese market is a key strategic sales target for many companies, and getting it wrong can be very costly.
It is important to have a trustworthy partner that understands both cultures and mentalities in order to create successful win-win business relationships.”


"Our friendly and trustful collaboration with Tianyi Consulting helped us to reach the Chinese market and grow business efficiently and cost effective, reducing travel expenses and translation fees!"

Dr Axel Bertholds
Managing Director

"Wei and Tianyi Consulting have provided highly valuable advice and assistance to us in establishing and managing our distributor network in China.  Wei has a deep knowledge of the China life sciences market, is proactive, responsive and effective in his dealings with distributors and ourselves."

Darren Lurie

"Tianyi Consulting (Wei Zhu) was appointed by Izon Science Ltd in 2018 to help develop the market in China for Izon’s products, which are based on separation and measurement of nano-biologicals, ie extracellular vesicles, viruses and nanoparticles. Prior to Tianyi’s involvement, Izon had some limited success in China, but the arrangements with distributors were fragmented and uncoordinated. Tianyi were able to re-organise the distribution arrangements so that they are now far more efficient and effective. Tianyi works closely with Izon’s Business Development Director for the Asia and offers appropriate advice on marketing and product positioning. We are very happy with the results and expect to significantly grow our business in China."

Hans van der Voorn
Izon Science Ltd
New Zealand

“Launching our business in China was a real jump in the unknown. Wei helped us for each step of the process, saving time, energy and troubles! I warmly recommended! ”

Dr.Jean-Baptiste MARIE
Founder & CEO



On May.1st which is a public holiday both in China and Germany, my phone was exploded by calls from our business partners in China, all telling me the same thing: they have just received the urgent notice from their end users at Institutions and Universities that the Ministry of Finance of the PRC just announced a budget cut of 30% with immediate effect

Despite the challenging global environment, our client doesn’t stop their global expansion steps. We’re pleased to announce that Tianyi Consulting was contracted to be the consultant to support Prospective Instruments in their business development activities to enter the China market.

While I'm writing this article, the number of people who are infected by the 2019-nCoV virus is still growing rapidly in China; a completely new hospital is under construction in Wuhan City which can host 2300 patients and is scheduled to be completed in 6 days from start to finish.