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With detailed technical knowledge and human resources, our tailored approach helps our client to kick start your business, achieve rapid growth and ultimately enter the global market. We work side by side with our clients from market validation research to first product launch. We’ll help you to develop the early access program and generate the initial prospect pipeline. We ensure that our clients can obtain all the appropriate information and contacts when expand to the global market.

See how we can help launch your business and make it a global success.

...Tianyi Consulting have provided highly valuable advice and assistance to us in establishing and managing our distributor network in China.

Wei has a deep knowledge of the China life sciences market, is proactive, responsive and effective in his dealings with distributors and ourselves."

Darren Lurie, Chairman, Optiscan, Australia

Asia Business Acceleration

Looking for Asia business consulting? We specialise in guiding and supporting SMEs to successfully enter the Asia market.  We have the technical knowledge and Human Resources to provide specialised Asia distribution consulting.

Start-Up Mindset

As a start-up company ourselves, our service packages are tailor-made for start-ups whose resource are often limited. Our goal is to help start-ups to enter the global market with high efficiency, affordable costs and minimized risk.Take a look at a variety of our business acceleration solutions.

EU Market Builder

From Market Research to Business Development Support, EU Market Builder is a all-in-one service that helps clients to gain real traction in Europe before making a major investment. Please refer to Our services page for more information.

Global Experience

Be local & Think global has always been the key for global success. We have a team of experts located all over the world covering the global market geographically with broad industry experience in high technology domains.

These are just some of the clients we've worked with...

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News and Blog

Internationalisation is an important step taking your biotechnology business to the global stage

10 things to consider before launching your Medical business in China

For many start-ups entering the Chinese market can be a significant hurdle. We’ve mentored various life science and technology start-ups through this process. Most recently, Wei has completed mentoring an exciting medical device start-up based in Germany. Take a look at what you should be considering before taking your business to China.


Make your start-up global through accessing the Chinese Market remotely

China may have announced that COVID-19 border restrictions will remain in place for another year. However this shouldn’t prevent your biotech start-up from entering the China market. Read our tips to enter the Chinese market from a remote location.

3 Steps to Consider When Establishing a New Business Partner

Do you want to establish new partnerships and accelerate your global market entry for your tech startup? My experiences have shown me that there’s practical steps you can take to decide who will be the best business partner for your technology or biotechnology startup.


China’s Pledge to be Carbon Neutral by 2060 – Here’s what you need to know | Part 2

How could China achieve carbon neutral status? There are a number of strategies they could use to achieve this. We're taking a look at everything you need to know in this article.